Specialized Racks: Keep Your Business On Solid Ground With Specialized And Versatile Racks

Stoffel Specialized Racks

Get specialized equipment from the systems specialists.

At Stoffel Equipment, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. And as handling materials specialists, we never stop developing storage solutions that will ultimately benefit our customers. So when it comes to specialized racks, we offer options that do just that. In cooperation with our partners at Ridg-U-Rak, what follows is a detailed description of the line of specialized racks available to our customers.

Cantilever Storage Systems

Technically advanced, free-standing cantilever racks are ideal for storing items of non-uniform size, items easily susceptible to damage and items or materials that tend to be great in length. You get clear frontal access to all storage levels, and cantilever racks are available in capacities to meet virtually any storage requirement.

Double-Deep Storage

Double-deep is a very simple, yet highly effective way to increase storage density. Designed for use with deep reach lift trucks, double-deep rack provides a four-pallet-load depth between the working aisles. Best of all, double-deep systems utilize standard Ridg-U-Rak components, making them very economical.

Drive-In Storage Systems

Ridg-U-Rak System 2000™ drive-in racks are the ultimate in engineering. They provide high-density storage with great strength and rigidity. Specially designed Ridg-U-Rail 2000 is, pound for pound, the strongest drive-in rail on the market according to actual laboratory tests. Perfect for storing common-sized loads of the same item.

Storgage Solutions

Flow Rack

Whether it's pallet flow, carton flow or mezzanine picking modules, keep your product on the move with Ridg-U-Rak flow rack systems. Utilizing many of our advanced storage technologies, these complete systems let you make optimum use of floor space while enhancing productivity. Our design engineers can provide you a complete system layout that gives you the best combination of utility and low cost.

Push Back

These racks provide a very desirable combination of high density and accessibility. Push-Bak storage density equals that of drive-in storage, yet every lane can be accessed at all times; any lane can be 100% filled from the aisle without affecting any other adjacent lanes above or below.

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