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Rentals: The Proven Way To Manage Short And Long Term Needs


Rental Usage

Equipment You Need | Without The RiskUsage Program

Stoffel Equipment realizes that your business changes, and so may your equipment needs. In today's rapidly-changing business environment, a company's ability to change quickly is a premium consideration. With the Stoffel Equipment Usage Program, we bring you the ability to use the specific equipment you need without the risks associated with ownership. Our Usage Program provides you with the ability to turn your operation on a dime.

Monthly rates include complete fleet management as well as preventative maintenance. New equipment can be specific to your exact needs, and rates are based on annual hours and not time; therefore, making this program far more attractive than long-term rentals. The flexibility of the program include an early exit clause, exchange of equipment and avoidance of capitalization and related balance sheet issues, an attractive and very functional alternative to traditional rental and leasing.

Our Usage Program Benefits